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Ambience Control LIFX lights
archived LIFX smart home GTK3 libhandy 5
Apple Flinger Funny single- and multiplayer game for Android - Use a slingshot to shoot with apples. Very challenging and addictive.
game libGDX needs testing
Backup postmarketOS Backup and restore tool
backup system utilities GTK3 libhandy 5
Baconer Kirigami/ QT Reddit Client
inactive early pre-release Reddit QtQuick Kirigami 4
Bluetooth Connect Scan, add, edit and connect bluetooth devices on your linux phone
maturing utilities Tk 5
Briar Secure messaging, anywhere
archived briar chat GTK3 libhandy 5
BurgerParty A time management game for Android where you play a fast-food owner who must put together the burgers ordered by her customers before time runs out.
game libGDX needs testing
CRUMPET App to control our new breed of animatroinic tails!
smart home Kirigami 5
Caramelos Caramelos is an Android Game made with Libgdx
inactive game libGDX needs testing
Clans A Gtk4 / libAdwaita Discord client. Early WIP."
archived Discord chat GTK4 libadwaita 5
Coast A nice and simple map viewer
gone openstreetmap maps and navigation Kirigami 5
Cuttlefish Client for PeerTube, the federated video hosting service
inactive pre-release PeerTube video player GTK4 libadwaita 5
Date Calculator The go-to minimal date calculator
early utilities Flutter 5
Electrolysis EV Charging interface for Linux
early pre-release Chargefox Tesla Supercharger utilities GTK4 libadwaita 4
Elephant Remember Reminder app built for Phosh that syncs with Gnome-Calendar in the backend but is faster and more mobile friendly
productivity GTK3 5
Eloquens Generate the lorem ipsum text
early development Kirigami QtQuick needs testing
Epoka Simple clock app in development, supporting stopwatch and timer until now
inactive early pre-release clock MauiKit Kirigami 5
Fairy Tale Read and manage your comics collection.
document viewer GTK3 libhandy 5
Flappy-gnome Flappy GNOME is a side-scrolling game development tutorial using Vala and GTK+.
early inactive game GTK3 needs testing
Food Rescue App Convergent mobile+desktop application to help decide if food is still edible.
food rescue QtQuick Kirigami 5
Fossil A simple GTK Gopher/Gemini client written in Vala
inactive gemini browser gopher browser GTK3 4
Futify Native qml spotify client.
Spotify audio streaming QtQuick UbuntuComponents 5
GadgetController Use your PinePhone as a USB gadget
early pre-release inactive system utilities GTK3 libhandy 5
Gerbil Gerbil is a minimal gemini-client for linux and linux-mobile
gemini browser GTK3 libhandy 5
Glosbit =Dictionary application powered by glosbe.com
inactive glosbe.com translation tool Kirigami 5
Goguma An IRC client for mobile devices.
early IRC chat Flutter 5
H-Craft H-Craft Championship is a fun to play scifi-racer.
inactive game SDL needs testing
Half Life Sci-fi first-person shooter developed and published by Valve.
game 1
Hash-o-matic Check hashes for your files
maturing utilities Kirigami QtQuick 6 5
Hermes Messenger Unofficial Fb Messenger app for linux smartphone
archived Messenger.com chat Electron 5
Ironball Mobile game inspired by the classic Speedball game for Amiga/C64 etc.
game Web technologies 5
KMixtapez A Kirigami app for listening to mixtapes, albums & songs hosted on MyMixtapez dot com
archived music player Kirigami 5
KeePassPQ KeePassPQ is a Python and QML based application to open KeePass (v4) databases on mobile devices.
early KeePass password manager Kirigami QtQuick 5
Kirigami Example Application A short summary describing what this software is about
inactive Nextcloud cloud syncing Kirigami 5
Klimbgrades Quickly convert difficulty grades for rock climbing, lead and bouldering scales
sports Kirigami 5
Kompass Compass application
inactive pre-release inactive utilities Kirigami 5
LaTre Assistant tool for GNOME Contacts. Do import contacts from VCard files, delete contacts.
inactive early utilities GTK3 5
Lucy Lucy's family has been abducted by Aliens! Help Lucy to reach the four UFOS and rescue her family.
game libGDX needs testing
MartianRun A 2D running game built with libGDX.
game libGDX needs testing
Melon Stream videos on the go from different services
early YouTube Peertube Nebula video player GTK4 libadwaita 5
MiTubo Playback or download media content from video streaming websites
mature YouTube video player QtQuick 5
MooTube A YouTube App for Mobile Linux.
early pre-release YouTube video player GTK3 5
Myuzi Stream music from YouTube with no ads.
gone YouTube music player GTK4 libadwaita 5
Olifant Lightning fast client for Mastodon
gone Mastodon GTK3 granite 3
OptiImage Image optimizer to reduce the size of images
early inactive utilities QtQuick Kirigami 5
PGallery A dead simple photo gallery made for Pinephone. Built with Vala and Gtk
archived image viewer GTK3 5
Packuru Desktop Archiving utility
file management Kirigami QtQuick needs testing
PassUi PassUi is a free and open source graphical user interface for the standard unix password manager written in python, with small screens in mind.
early inactive password manager WxWidgets 5
PasswordSage A password manager geared towards mobile screens. It uses GTK as framework and parses .kdbx files (version 3.1 and 4).
inactive KeePass password manager GTK3 libhandy 5
Phosh Look Phosh look manages ~/.config/gtk-3.0 with preset themes
inactive pre-release early system utilities GTK3 5
Pine Pass GUI for password-store.org written with Python and GTK. Originally written for the PinePhone but should be compatible with most Linux distros.
password manager GTK3 5
PineBattery GTK app for monitoring the PinePhone and PineTab battery.
inactive utilities GTK3 5
Pinephone MPV A simple wrapper for MPV for the Pinephone and other Linux mobile devices. Includes On Screen Controls for MPV adapted for the Pinephone.
maturing image viewer media music player video player Tk 5
Player Play movies
inactive video player QtQuick fluid 4
Poland can into Space ‘Poland can into Space’ is a simple Android game based on LibGDX framework
game libGDX needs testing
Powertrack Tool to track battery statistics.
early pre-release utilities GTK3 5
Pygenda Pygenda is a calendar/agenda application written in Python3/GTK3 and designed for "PDA" devices such as Planet Computers' Gemini.
maturing calendar GTK3 Cairo 4
Pyrocast Another podcast app for Linux phones (e.g., Pinephone)
early pre-release inactive podcast client GTK3 libhandy 5
QField A simplified touch optimized interface for QGIS
geography QtQuick 5
QHumble Qhumble allows retrieving any content purchased from Humble Bundle that is DRM-Free.
early inactive pre-release humblebundle.com utilities QtQuick needs testing
Quicky in search of Mickey In a beautiful magical forest magic live animals. Among them are our friends Quicky and Mickey. But once Mickey got lost. What happened to him? Quicky will have to find his brother and unravel the mysteries of the magic forest.
game libGDX needs testing
Rabbit Escape Android and PC game inspired by Lemmings and Pingus
game libGDX needs testing
Readerview A mobile-ready gpu-accelerated gemini browser.
early inactive gemini browser GTK4 3
Rocket GTK Gemini browser
early pre-release inactive gemini browser GTK4 libadwaita 5
Rocket Guardian Rocket Guardian is a android game about a guardian that must protect a city from the falling zombies.
game libGDX needs testing
Run Free! Running log app built for Phosh with some basic analysis of your running schedule
inactive early utilities GTK3 5
SBB A simple gtk app to get timetable information for swiss public transport.
public transport GTK3 libhandy 5
Samegame A fun game
game Kirigami 5
Save the bunny! Save the bunny! is a turn-based puzzle game.
game libGDX needs testing
SciTEQt A port of the SciTE text editor to the Qt QML/Quick, which is optimized for touch devices.
maturing text editor QtQuick 5
Scrum Poker A small gtk app to help estimate the effort for a task.
utilities development GTK3 libhandy 5
ScrumPoker ScrumPoker is a simple and useful scrum planning poker App. It helps you by making your estimation meetings more effective.
project management tool GTK3 libhandy 5
Shootin Stars Round based endless runner style space shooter
early inactive game Godot 5
Showtime Watch without distraction
early video player GTK4 libadwaita 5
Social Federated microblogging client
inactive Mastodon Pleroma GTK4 libadwaita 5
Sonically Native client implementing subsonic API (audio streaming) using opus
early inactive Subsonic audio streaming GTK4 5
Spotipyne Gtk Spotify client written in python made to be compatible with mobile formfactors like a pinephone.
inactive Spotify audio streaming GTK3 libhandy 5
Superjumper Super Jumper is a very simple Doodle Jump clone.
demo game libGDX needs testing
Swooper Minesweeper
game Kirigami 5
TV Guide European televion guide for GNOME
tv guide GTK3 libhandy 5
Tasks Organize your tasks
early productivity Kirigami 5
Tinge Tinge is a mobile first application for controlling Philips Hue lights on Linux
maturing Hue smart home WxWidgets 5
Tok KDE's convergent Telegram client.
archived Telegram chat Kirigami 5
Treasure An application example, implementing a simple guessing game.
game GTK3 libhandy needs testing
TuxRacer-Touch Ubuntu touch tux racer port
game SDL2 needs testing
Wasp Companion A companion app for wasp-os
early pre-release inactive watch companion GTK3 libhandy 5
Weather Mobile A simple GTK weather app to play with Linux Mobile development in GTK4 and OpenWeather API.
early pre-release inactive weather GTK4 5
Whale File manager
early file management Kirigami 5
WhatsWeb WhatsWeb [WhatsApp Web] for Mobile Linux Devices
early WhatsApp Web chat Electron 5
White Noise Mobian Basic white noise app for Mobian
early inactive utilities GTK3 SDL 5
Wifi Connect Scan for Wifi SSIDs, connect, disconnect, and restart services on your linux phone
early utilities Tk 5
Wifi2QR Display QR codes to easily connect to any Wifi for which a NetworkManager connection profile exists.
inactive early pre-release utilities GTK4 4
Wince Search for restaurants and businesses
early Yelp utilities GTK4 libadwaita 5
alrisha an experimental Qt/QML destkop browser for Gemini
inactive early pre-release gemini browser QtQuick 5
blabber QML Kirigami based Mastodon client
inactive Kirigami 5
foKus foKus is a To-do application, designed for Plasma Mobile using Kirigami framework.
inactive early task management Kirigami QtQuick 5
gtkbart Public transportation client for the Bay Area Rapid Transit system
inactive Bay Area Rapid Transit API public transport GTK3 libhandy 5
gtkcord3 A lightweight Discord client which uses GTK3 for the user interface.
archived Discord chat GTK3 libhandy 4
hamlocator Displays a maidenhead locator for current location
early utilities GTK4 libadwaita 5
loyaltyCardsOpen Linux App to save and view all your loyalty cards and any kind of card. Ready to use with a Linux Phone.
early loyalty cards GTK3 5
pass-manager-compact Compact GUI for pass to be useable for smartphones
maturing password manager GTK3 needs testing
phom Quick hack to have a virtual mouse
virtual input device GTK3 3
plasma mobile calculator app A short summary describing what this software is about
inactive calculator Kirigami 5
pods Cross platform Podcast app targetting the pinephone specifically (in early development)
early inactive podcast client iced 3
qalendar Qalendar is Qt5 implementation of the Maemo Calendar
calendar QtWidgets 5
signal-rs A Rust-based signal app with a QML/Kirigami frontend.
inactive Signal chat Kirigami 5
tvtoday A application to inspect the television program of today. Made for the pinephone.
inactive TV Spielfilm tv guide GTK3 libhandy 5
vgmms vgtk-based SMS+MMS client
MMS chat GTK3 libhandy needs testing

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