1010! Klooni libGDX game based on the original 1010!
AUR game libGDX 5
Apple Flinger Funny single- and multiplayer game for Android - Use a slingshot to shoot with apples. Very challenging and addictive.
game libGDX needs testing
BurgerParty A time management game for Android where you play a fast-food owner who must put together the burgers ordered by her customers before time runs out.
game libGDX needs testing
Caramelos Caramelos is an Android Game made with Libgdx
inactive game libGDX needs testing
Lucy Lucy's family has been abducted by Aliens! Help Lucy to reach the four UFOS and rescue her family.
game libGDX needs testing
MartianRun A 2D running game built with libGDX.
game libGDX needs testing
Pixel Wheels Pixel Wheels is a retro top-down race game.
Flathub game libGDX 5
Poland can into Space ‘Poland can into Space’ is a simple Android game based on LibGDX framework
game libGDX needs testing
Quicky in search of Mickey In a beautiful magical forest magic live animals. Among them are our friends Quicky and Mickey. But once Mickey got lost. What happened to him? Quicky will have to find his brother and unravel the mysteries of the magic forest.
game libGDX needs testing
Rabbit Escape Android and PC game inspired by Lemmings and Pingus
game libGDX needs testing
Rocket Guardian Rocket Guardian is a android game about a guardian that must protect a city from the falling zombies.
game libGDX needs testing
Save the bunny! Save the bunny! is a turn-based puzzle game.
game libGDX needs testing
Shattered Pixel Dungeon Roguelike RPG, with pixel art graphics and lots of variety and replayability
available in 9 distros Arch Arch Linux ARM aarch64 AUR Flathub Manjaro stable Manjaro unstable Nix stable 23.11 Nix stable 24.05 Nix unstable
game libGDX 5
Superjumper Super Jumper is a very simple Doodle Jump clone.
demo game libGDX needs testing
Unciv Turn-based strategy game
available in 5 distros AUR Flathub Nix stable 23.11 Nix stable 24.05 Nix unstable
game libGDX 4

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