Status: pre-release
Baconer Kirigami/ QT Reddit Client
inactive early pre-release Reddit QtQuick Kirigami 4
Cuttlefish Client for PeerTube, the federated video hosting service
inactive pre-release PeerTube video player GTK4 libadwaita 5
GadgetController Use your PinePhone as a USB gadget
early pre-release inactive system utilities GTK3 libhandy 5
KDeltaChat DeltaChat client build with Kirigami
early pre-release
available in 4 distros AUR Nix stable 22.11 Nix stable 23.05 Nix unstable
deltachat chat Kirigami 5
Keepassk Password Manager
early inactive pre-release AUR password manager QtQuick Kirigami 5
Kompass Compass application
inactive pre-release inactive utilities Kirigami 5
MooTube A YouTube App for Mobile Linux.
early pre-release YouTube video player GTK3 5
Moonlander Just another 'fancy' Gemini client.
early inactive pre-release AUR Nix stable 23.05 Nix unstable gemini browser GTK3 4
Phosh Look Phosh look manages ~/.config/gtk-3.0 with preset themes
inactive pre-release early system utilities GTK3 5
Powertrack Tool to track battery statistics.
early pre-release utilities GTK3 5
Pyrocast Another podcast app for Linux phones (e.g., Pinephone)
early pre-release inactive podcast client GTK3 libhandy 5
Rocket GTK Gemini browser
early pre-release inactive gemini browser GTK4 libadwaita 5
Valent Connect, control and sync devices
early pre-release AUR Nix stable 23.05 Nix unstable KDE Connect connectivity GTK4 libadwaita 5
Wasp Companion A companion app for wasp-os
early pre-release inactive watch companion GTK3 libhandy 5
Weather Mobile A simple GTK weather app to play with Linux Mobile development in GTK4 and OpenWeather API.
early pre-release inactive weather GTK4 5

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