signal-rs A Rust-based signal app with a QML/Kirigami frontend.“

chat inactive Kirigami 5

dragonstone A simple GTK Gopher/Gemini client written in Vala

gemini browser gopher browser inactive GTK3 5

cadet-gtk A GTK based GUI for the CADET subsystem of GNUnet.

chat inactive GTK3 libhandy needs testing

Social A Mastodon and Pleroma application for GNOME

inactive GTK4 libadwaita 5

Olifant (Fork for phones) A fork of Olifant to make it kind of pleasant to use on the linux phone.

inactive GTK3 granite 3

PasswordSage A password manager geared towards mobile screens. It uses GTK as framework and parses .kdbx files (version 3.1 and 4).

password manager inactive GTK3 libhandy 5

Mirage A fancy, customizable, keyboard-operable Qt/QML & Python Matrix chat client for encrypted and decentralized communication.

chat inactive QtQuick 5

Nextcloud-Plasma-Mobile-login A test project to create webview login for nextcloud accounts on Plasma Mobile.

cloud syncing inactive Kirigami 5

KBibTeX (Kirigami branch) KBibTeX is a bibliography editor (BibTeX and somewhat BibLaTex) used in conjunction with LaTeX and friends

bibliography editor inactive Kirigami 5

Epoka Simple clock app in development, supporting stopwatch and timer until now

clock inactive MauiKit Kirigami 5

Calculator plasma mobile calculator application

calculator inactive Kirigami 5

gtkbart Public transportation client for the Bay Area Rapid Transit system

public transport inactive GTK3 libhandy 5

blabber QML Kirigami based Mastodon client

inactive Kirigami 5

Glosbit Translation tool powered by

translation tool inactive Kirigami 5

LLs Video Player (Plasma Mobile version) Video Player for Plasma Mobile

video player inactive Kirigami 5

Mycroft Mycroft Kirigami Application for Plasma Mobile

voice assistant inactive Kirigami 5

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