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What is LinuxPhoneApps?

LinuxPhoneApps.org is the continuation of LINMOBapps (and thus also MGLapps). It lists and documents apps for Linux Phones like the PinePhone or the Librem 5 that don't have a centralized app store (yet) and run distributions such as Arch Linux ARM, Fedora Mobility, Mobian, openSUSE, postmarketOS, PureOS or similar which use Phosh, Plasma Mobile or Sxmo for their UI.

If you don't you have questions about the contents of our app listings or have suggestions for improvements (especially regarding visuals and wording), please get in touch so that we can make things better and easier to grasp.

Can I install these apps on Ubuntu Touch?

Some, maybe. Generally, Ubuntu Touch is not in scope for this project, as it has an app store.

Can I install these apps on Sailfish OS?

Some, maybe. Generally, Sailfish OS is not in the scope of this project as it has more than one app store already:

Join the effort

The various parts of this project live under the LinuxPhoneApps Organization on Framagit.


Currently, these are:


If you want to work on known issues, you'll find

Creating new issues is a very valuable contribution too!

Adding or editing app listings

If you want to add an app, you can do so by forking the LINMOBapps repo and creating a merge request or sending an email. The following pages have more info on this:

If just want to report that something is wrong with a listing, click the link at the bottom of the apps page to send an email.

Reuse the data

If you respect the license and credit the project properly, feel free to reuse apps.csv data! Up to this point, the following projects are known to reuse .csv data:

If you have a project that reuses the data, please make sure to list your project here, too!

Join the discussion and stay informed

Join our Matrix room!

Or, subscribe to or join the discussion one of our mailing lists:

  • Discuss list for the discussion of apps and general topics,
  • Devel list for discussion regarding further development of the LinuxPhoneApps app list.

You can also subscribe to a number of Atom feeds:

An "updated app listings" feed as well as a feed to follow updates to this documentation are being planned and will be listed here once they have been implemented.

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