Listings explained


This page explains how to fill out the template to add or edit an app.

TOML values and contents

No matter whether you edit or add a listing, here's what kind of contents is supposed to go into the different columns (if you prefer living examples, the listing for Tuba is a good starting point):

frontmatter valuetype / formnote
title = ""stringname of the app, make sure to write it as it's written on its project page, mandatory
description = ""stringapp summary, keep it short mandatory
aliases = ["",]array of stringsoptional, only use when name or app id changes, keeps incoming links from breaking
date =date, yyyy-mm-dddate that you are adding the app listing, don't change it later mandatory.
updated =date, yyyy-mm-ddoptional, date of the latest update to the app listing, add line on first update, don't include while still empty
[taxonomies]section startmandatory, don't change please!
project_licenses = [ "",]array of stringsSPDX 3 identifier,mandatory
metadata_licenses = [ "",]array of stringsSPDX 3 identifier, optionalrepository = ""
app_author = [ "",]array of stringsoptional, fill with nick name or self-description from metainfo.xml, existing values
categories = [ "",]array of stringsmandatory, fill with value from metainfo.xml or something fitting, use existing values for reference
mobile_compatibility = [ "",]array of stringsmandatory, see existing values for reference
status = [ "",]array of stringsoptional, see existing values for reference
frameworks = [ "", ]array of stringsrecommended, see existing values for reference
backends = ["",]array of stringsoptional, see existing values for reference
services = [ "",]array of stringsoptional, see existing values for reference
packaged_in = [ "",]array of stringsoptional, see existing values for reference
freedesktop_categories = [ "",]array of stringsoptional, see existing values for reference, see 1, 2 for values
programming_languages = [ "",]array of stringsrecommended, see existing values for reference, write "Cpp" for C++
build_systems = [ "",]array of stringsrecommended, see existing values for reference
[extra]section startmandatory, don't change please!
repository = ""string, URLmandatory, URL of the apps repository
homepage = ""string, URLoptional, URL of the apps homepage
bugtracker = ""string, URLrecommended, URL of the apps bug tracker
donations = ""string, URLoptional, URL of donation page
translations = ""string, URLoptional, URL of translation page
more_information = []array of strings, URLsoptional, links with helpful additional info about the app, e.g. app reviews
summary_source_url = ""string, URLoptional, source URL of the apps description/summary (see above)
screenshots = [ "",]array of strings, URLsoptional, links to screenshots (will not be hot-linked)
screenshots_img = [ "",]array of strings, URLsoptional, links to screenshots, will be displayed - make sure hot-linking is allowed or send by mail for upload to 1peter10
all_features_touch = ""booleanoptional, set to true (if true) or false (if some features require other input measures), no quotes!
intended_for_mobile = ""booleanoptional, set to true (no quotes!) if the apps descriptions or metadata makes it obvious that the app is intended for mobile and does not just work accidentally
app_id = ""stringe.g. org.gnome.GHex
scale_to_fit = ""stringvalue that needs to be used with scale-to-fit on Phosh to make the app fit the screen
flathub = ""string, URLlink to Flathub listing (only if aarch64 is supported, check when in doubt)
flatpak_link = ""string, URLlink to other flatpak source/repository (only if repo provides aarch64 builds)
flatpak_recipe = ""string, URLlink to .json to build a flatpak, please use RAW/plaintext not blob view for Github/Gitlab
snapcraft = ""string, URLlink to Snapcraft listing (only if aarch64 is supported)
snap_link = ""string, URLlink to other Snap build (only if aarch64 build is provided)
snap_recipe = ""string, URLlink to snapcraft.yml to build a Snap, please use RAW/plaintext not blob view for Github/Gitlab
repology = [ "",]array of stringspackage name as found in url (e.g., tuba in, multiple if applicable
appstream_xml_url = ""string, URLappdata.xml or metainfo.xml url, please use RAW/plaintext not blob view for Github/Gitlab
reported_by = ""stringmandatory your nickname
updated_by = ""stringoptional, your nickname, only fill when updating a listing
verified = ""✅ or ❎game list only: legacy value marking whether you have checked that the game actually works. Please do!

Markdown bits and contents (optional)

Zola supports CommonMark (spec), here's an example for the Markdown bits of a listing:

### Description

Explore the federated social web with Tuba for GNOME. Stay connected to your favorite communities, family and friends with support for popular Fediverse platforms like Mastodon, GoToSocial, Akkoma & more! The Fediverse is a decentralized social network that consists of multiple interconnected platforms and communities, allowing users to communicate and share content across different networks and servers. It promotes user privacy and data ownership, and offers an alternative to centralized social media platforms. [Source](

### Notice

Continuation of [Tootle](, was called Tooth before its initial release.


Important: If you copy a description (can be lengthy), please make sure to add a link to your source at the end.


Notice can be filled with additional information detailing how well the app works/its limitations, where to get the app (if not in repos, etc.) if you assume this to be helpful.

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