Submitting apps by email

Submitting apps by email!

Basic mail text

Please note: You can also use LPA Helper to generate a listing and send that in via email :-)

After clicking the link, a new message window of your systems default email application should open. Please make sure to remove all the [placeholders] (everything in sqare brackets), and fill them with the matching info.

Please also include your name in the form you want to be cited on the list.

Further info

The following info would also be appreciated:

  • a short summary of not more than a characters, summarizing the app (if it's from another source, please make sure to include the link to that source),
  • a description (longer but concise, credit sources here too),
  • the license(s),
  • link to the projects website (if it has one)
  • a link to the projects bugtracker (if it is not gitlab/github/gitea issues)
  • a link to the projects donations page (if any)
  • a link to the translation service the project uses (if any),
  • links with more information (e.g. blog or forum posts about the app),
  • link to appstream metainfo (often named projectname.appdata.xml,

None of this is necessary, so if you are not sure what's meant or just don't have the time, just send your mail! 📮


Feel free to attach screenshots of the app running on your Linux Phone. By submitting these screenshots you grant your permission to use them on and agree to licensing them under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

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