Services: Mastodon

Olifant (Fork for phones) A fork of Olifant to make it kind of pleasant to use on the linux phone.
inactive Mastodon GTK3 granite 3
Social A Mastodon and Pleroma application for GNOME
inactive Mastodon Pleroma GTK4 libadwaita 5
Tokodon Tokodon is a Mastodon client for Plasma and Plasma Mobile
available in 14 distros Alpine 3.17 Alpine 3.18 Alpine edge Arch Linux ARM aarch64 Arch Linux ARM armv7h AUR Fedora 38 Fedora rawhide Flathub Gentoo Manjaro stable Manjaro unstable Nix unstable openSUSE Tumbleweed
Mastodon Kirigami 5
Tootle GTK-based Mastodon client for Linux
available in 8 distros Alpine 3.17 AUR Debian 11 Devuan 4.0 GNU Guix Nix stable 22.11 Nix unstable PureOS landing
Mastodon GTK3 libhandy 5
Tuba Browse the Fediverse
available in 6 distros Alpine 3.18 Alpine edge AUR Flathub Nix unstable postmarketOS 22.12
Mastodon GTK4 libadwaita 5

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