KMixtapez A Kirigami app for listening to mixtapes, albums & songs hosted on MyMixtapez dot com

music player archived Kirigami 5

Yishu [DEPRECATED] A bespoke and simple Todo.txt client.

productivity archived GTK3 libhandy granite 3

Briar Native GTK Briar client, written in Python, using the Briar Headless API

chat archived GTK3 libhandy 5

FeedReader FeedReader is a modern desktop application designed to complement existing web-based RSS accounts.

feed reader archived GTK3 2

gtkcord3 A lightweight Discord client which uses GTK3 for the user interface.

chat archived GTK3 libhandy 4

Tootle GTK-based Mastodon client for Linux

archived GTK3 libhandy 5

Ring-KDE Ring-KDE is a Qt based client for the Ring daemon.

chat telephony archived QtQuick Kirigami needs testing

Dukto A simple multi-platform file transfer application especially designed for LAN users and which supports sending text, files or folders. It supports Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and more.

file transfer archived QtQuick 5

Games Simple game launcher for GNOME

game launcher archived GTK3 libhandy 5

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