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Dictionary Check word definitions and spellings in an online dictionary
available in 19 distros Arch Linux ARM aarch64 Arch Linux ARM armv7h AUR Debian 11 Debian 12 Debian 13 Debian unstable Devuan 4.0 Fedora 38 Fedora rawhide Gentoo GNU Guix Manjaro stable Manjaro unstable Nix stable 22.11 Nix stable 23.05 Nix unstable openSUSE Tumbleweed PureOS landing
dictionary GTK3 5
Quick Lookup Quick Lookup is a simple GTK dictionary application powered by Wiktionary
AUR Flathub Wiktionary dictionary GTK3 4
Wordbook Lookup definitions for any English term
AUR Nix stable 23.05 Nix unstable dictionary GTK4 5

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