Elephant Remember Reminder app built for Phosh that syncs with Gnome-Calendar in the backend but is faster and more mobile friendly
productivity GTK3 5
GadgetController Use your PinePhone as a USB gadget
early pre-release inactive system utilities GTK3 libhandy 5
Glossaico Language learning application
available in 4 distros Alpine 3.18 Alpine 3.19 Alpine edge Flathub
LibreLingo education Kirigami 5
ICE SSB Tool to create Chromium/Chrome/Firefox/Vivaldi SSBs in Peppermint OS.
inactive AUR web app laucher GTK3 5
Phonic Phonic is a GTK audiobook player targeted at mobile Linux.
early AUR audiobook player GTK3 libhandy 5
Run Free! Running log app built for Phosh with some basic analysis of your running schedule
inactive early utilities GTK3 5
Store Cards Keep all your store cards on your linux phone
maturing AUR utilities Tk 5
White Noise Mobian Basic white noise app for Mobian
early inactive utilities GTK3 SDL 5
YouPlay Search, download and play music from YouTube
maturing AUR YouTube music player GTK4 libadwaita 5
mobpass A mobile interface for gopass
early inactive Alpine edge password manager QtQuick 5
pass-manager-compact Compact GUI for pass to be useable for smartphones
maturing password manager GTK3 needs testing

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