Requires internet: requires always

Always requires an internet connection

Goodvibes Play web radios
available in 16 distros AUR Debian 11 Debian 12 Debian 13 Debian unstable Devuan 4.0 Devuan unstable Fedora 38 Fedora 39 Fedora rawhide Flathub Nix stable 23.05 Nix stable 23.11 Nix unstable openSUSE Tumbleweed PureOS landing
internet radio internet radio GTK3 5
Melon Stream videos on the go from different services
early YouTube Peertube Nebula video player GTK4 libadwaita 5
Televido Access German-language public TV
early AUR Flathub ARD Mediathek ZDF Mediathek multimedia GTK4 libadwaita 5
Valuta Convert between currencies
early Flathub Google Finance Currency Conversion utilities GTK4 libadwaita 5
Zodiac A simple program for plotting horoscopes
maturing Flathub utilities GTK4 libadwaita 4

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