New Listings of Q1/2024: Almost 500 Apps

Posted April 12, 2024 by 1peter10 ‐ 5 min read

Let's have a look at what happened last quarter!

New Listings

The following 42 apps and one game were added to in the first quarter of 2024:



  • Speedtest - Measure your internet connection speed
  • fWallet - A beautiful cross-platform wallet application for your transport tickets, discount cards and subscriptions.
  • Electrolysis - EV Charging interface for Linux Thank you, Undef, for adding the app!
  • LocalSend - Share files to nearby devices
  • Eeman - Track Salah, Read the Quran
  • Butler - Companion for Home Assistant
  • Parabolic - Download web video and audio
  • unlockR - PDF Password remover
  • Muzika - Elegant music streaming application
  • Jupii - Play audio, video and images on UPnP/DLNA devices
  • Whakarere - GTK4 Whatsapp Client
  • Shortcut - Make app shortcuts
  • Zodiac - A simple program for plotting horoscopes
  • Warehouse - Manage all things Flatpak
  • Forge Sparks - Get Git forges notifications
  • Door Knocker - Check the availability of portals
  • Chance - Roll the dice
  • Valuta - Convert between currencies
  • Daikhan (Early Access) - Play Videos/Music with style
  • Time Cop - A time tracking app that respects your privacy and gets the job done without getting too fancy
  • Kana - Learn Japanese characters
  • Done - To-do lists reimagined
  • Paper Clip - Edit PDF document metadata
  • Simple Wireplumber GUI - A simple GTK4 GUI for PipeWire
  • Polypass - A simple, secure, and easy to use password manager
  • Ticket Booth - Keep track of your favorite shows
  • GNOME Network Displays - Screencasting for GNOME


  • GoForIt! - A stylish to-do list with built-in productivity timer
  • Melon - Stream videos on the go from different services
  • Date Calculator - The go-to minimal date calculator
  • Memorize - Study flashcards
  • Memorado - Memorize anything
  • Folio - Take notes in Markdown



Most listings were automatically updated, and many of them were additionally edited by hand and brought up to date. And because information regarding services or frameworks can't be updated automatically ...


I would like to thank all who contributed in the past quarter:

  • Dark Dragon for continued contributions to our checkers,
  • Max, a new contributor, who is going the extra mile and working with upstream to improve metadata, and also has fixed numerous listings,
  • Philippe for pointing out an error,
  • Undef for creating and adding Electrolysis,

Thank you all so much!

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What's next?

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