Apps that need to be evaluated.


This list contains apps that have not been added as a proper listing. This list can be useful if

  • the app list does not contain what you need,
  • you want to help adding apps (see Contributing for how to do this),
  • or you want to see if someone has already started developing an app in order to join an existing project.

Needs help testing

  • keyring (needs Himitsu user / packaging of himitsu/hare)
  • rokugtk (a Roku remote app, requires a Roku device to test)
  • AugVK-Messenger (requires a VKontakte account)
  • AugSteam (if you use Steam's mobile authenticator app, please help out!)
  • Kazv (can't even successfully build libkazv)
  • Libre Invoice Looks like LimeReport might need to be rebuild, but since I know nothing about Qt Android apps, that might not be all.
  • Open Mandriva Camera app (can't get this to work on other distributions)
  • GNOME Network Displays (Flathub:; AUR: gnome-network-displays(-git), requires Miracast Display to test
  • Bitsteward (Bitwarden client)

Needs testing


  • Merkuro Mail
  • Brun (MauiKit calculator)
  • PowerPlant
  • KLever Notes
  • Nextcloud Talk (Kirigami-fication of a SailfishOS app), see also:
  • Clip2DeepL (works when started on terminal on Phosh, needs testing on Plasma Mobile, last commit 2021-03-02)
  • Pelikan (now called "Pelikan", see
  • mailmodel (last commit 2021-04-04)
  • Solio Soundcloud client (last commit 2021-05-21)
  • Booth (convergent camera app)
  • Comlink


  • opensnitch
  • Qt-Audiobook-Player


  • Grep Tool QML
  • Barcelona Trees
  • Toxer Desktop
  • Orion twitch client, 4 (last commit 2022-11-10)
  • Telephant mastodon client
  • Qomp music player
  • Vrenemar weather app
  • Project Trackball (Todo.txt desktop apps, scales fine on 20210930, but adding tasks does not seem to work yet, last commit 20211005)


  • Desktop Files Creator (
  • Lorem (at best a 4, and.. do we need Lorem Ipsum on a Phone?)
  • Dot Matrix (, needs scale-to-fit io.github.lainsce.DotMatrix on)
  • Kooha
  • Share Preview
  • Webfont Kit Generator
  • Icon Library
  • Mirdorph (Discord client) - last commit 2021-09-05
  • Tracks
  • SharMaVid (Invidious client)
  • Summarizer
  • Ghostshot
  • MD Writer
  • Shards (Torrent client)
  • Noteworthy (builds now, not yet tested on mobile)
  • Pods (Podman client)
  • Citations
  • unlockR
  • SNCF
  • Replay (YouTube client)
  • Sharit (YouTube client)
  • Katana (GTK Tree Structure Browser)
  • Chert (Note taking app)


  • Abbadon (Discord client)
  • PineCast
  • xournalpp
  • keylight-control builds, but quits on restart
  • Coffee (Settings don't work well (janky), rest is okay)
  • umtp-responder-gui
  • Astroid
  • Tunes (MPD Client)
  • Argos (likely ironically not mobile frienly)
  • Camera (archived in favor of Snapshot (see below)
  • GNOME Terminal (fine except for settings, but .., add after GTK4 rewrite)
  • Camcam WIP Camera app written in Rust (last commit 2021-10-16)
  • Fastcal WIP Calendar app written in Rust (last commit 2021-03-21)
  • hn Python hacker news client (last commit 2021-04-12)
  • Hydro Bot ("Pinephone app that keeps you hydrated", too much WIP to add on 2022-04-12)
  • wifiscanner (last commit 2020-12-31)
  • GTK Hangouts Client
  • pKPR
GTK3 + Granite
  • Agenda
  • Bitguarden (last commit 2020-04-29)
  • Gifup (last commit 2020-03-03)


  • Liftoff
  • AppImage Pool (
  • Nextcloud Password Client, once is fixed.
  • Spotube
  • AuthPass (Keepass client) (Did not work in linmob's attempt to build it (white window after startup), supposedly there's an ARM64 snap build, but it returns an architecture warning.)
  • Kaiteki (mastodon client)
  • LocalSend (did not build for me on Arch Linux ARM), related issue
  • More here:


  • itd-gui

Ubuntu Components

  • Cooking calc

Cairo etc

  • Visurf
    • see also neosurf

Downstream forks


  • Evince (Purism)

Needs initial testing

  • Personal Voice Assistant (Currently German only, requires Java. See also
  • Pine Connect (early state of development, work on the app has not started yet (but the daemon is being worked on)) - last commit 2021-07-27

From other applists

  • apps, see also

old Linux Phone apps:

  • Navit
  • FoxtrotGPS
  • Maep

unordered stuff copied over from another to do list

  • Fingerboard

unoptimized desktop apps that have been run on the Librem 5 or PinePhone successfully (only add if they are at least somewhat usable and have an advantage compared to more mobile-ready apps):

  • Gnome Photos
  • Gthumb
  • Shotwell // apps from here on where spotted on a screenshot
  • Claws Mail
  • D-Feet
  • Gpredict
  • KiCad
  • Shadowsocks-Qt5
  • Lyrebird
  • Verbiste
  • Simple scan (newer versions are only fine after "scale-to-fit simple-scan on")
  • Marble (
  • Orage (
  • Solar System (;
  • AusweisApp 2 (;
  • Nixwriter;
  • SongRec
  • Bleachbit
  • Argos Translate

Needs help testing (low priority, inactive - check periodically for activity)


  • Moody (Moodle client, GTK3/libhandy) (last commit 2020-03-20)
  • Venom (A modern Tox client for the Linux desktop, not mobile friendly, last commit 2020-04-23)

Projects that seem to have been abandoned or are archived

  • Wallet
  • Kodimote (WIP, last commit 2019-12-23)
  • l5_shoppinglist,
  • librem5_utils,
  • Flashcards (only UI, non-functional, archived)
  • PinePhone modem firmware updater UI: (solved with GNOME Firmware, still listed for historic purposes)
  • camera-rs (last commit 2020-12-25)
  • qrcode-generator (last commit 2020-12-23)
  • Interpret (GTK3 deepl based translation app, archived)
  • Tox Client (Electron)
  • Simple RSS Reader using KDE Kirigami (last commit 2020-06-13)
  • Papper (Kirigami reddit client, last commit 2020-07-01)
  • LurkyMcLurkFace (Kirigami reddit client, last commit 2020-12-16)

2023-10-07 additions

  • Pala
  • covidpass

Projects that seem to be gone

  • Musik 404
  • clan (Seems to have been a launcher)
  • Bazar (Vala SMS/MMS client)

Not an app

  • Retiled (Windows Phone style launcher) (are launchers in scope?)
  • PUI (launcher?)


  • Mactrack

Remains of other-apps.csv

Check, then sort or remove the following:

This is a loose and non-formal collection of apps which are not added to the main list yet, because they are not in a usable state, are still in planning stage or wait to be transfered to the other list"

  • MedOS-kirigami,
  • Liri Screencast,
  • Liri Screenshot,
  • Liri music,
  • Liri Settings,
  • Liri NetworkManager,
  • OwnCloud Sync,
  • Music,,
  • GadgetBridge (afaik Android only, so: why?)
  • Linphone (not mobile compatible, Ubuntu Touch version does not exist for 64bit yet)

In planning stage:

  • Compass
  • Konversation 2.0

Apps where the sources are not shared yet:

  • Translator by Avi Wadhwa in community/librem-5-apps announced

Sources for apps to be included:

  •,28 apps (02.03.2020)
  • (check whether everything is already on the list)