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Lightning fast client for Mastodon Source


Olifant is a client for the world’s largest free, open-source, decentralized microblogging network with real-time notifications and support for multiple accounts.

Mastodon is lovingly crafted with power and speed in mind, resulting in a free, independent, and popular alternative to the centralized social networks.

Anyone can run a Mastodon server. Each server hosts individual user accounts, the content they produce, and the content to which they are subscribed. Every user can follow each other and share their posts regardless of their server.



Mobile friendly fork was deleted by its author -> status gone. Previously no commits in June 2020, therefore marked inactive.

Project links: Links to (pages with) screenshots:


Mobile Fit: 3

Some parts of the app are not usable with touch input on small screens, even with scale-to-fit com.github.cleac.olifant on

Project status: gone

This project has been deleted by its maintainers. The source code is just gone, and nothing can be done about that. In case you still have a copy of it, please get in touch.


If you're lucky*, you can install this app by just hitting this button:


* You need to have an appstream:// handler, e.g., GNOME Software or KDE Discover, installed and the app needs to be available in a configured software repository, more details.

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Licensing and technical details

License: GPL-3.0-or-later Metadata: CC0-1.0

Frameworks: GTK3 granite

Programming languages: Vala

Build system: meson