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Display QR codes to easily connect to any Wifi for which a NetworkManager connection profile exists. Source


WIP Wifi QR-Code generator (works fine despite not being designed for mobile - no desktop file).

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Mobile Fit: 4

Almost perfect, works fine with tweaks for scaling, like scale-to-fit com.example.apps.wifi2qr on on Phosh

Project status: inactive

This project has not seen any inactivity in more than a year. It may work fine for you, there may be dragons, and most importantly, don't expect updates or a response to your bug reports!

Project status: early

This project has been in development for a short time only. It should work mostly fine, but expect bugs and an incomplete featureset.

Project status: pre-release

Whoops, we don't know how to explain this status yet. Something went wrong!


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Licensing and technical details

License: MIT

Frameworks: GTK4

Backend: networkmanager qrencode

Programming languages: C

Build system: meson