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Playback or download media content from video streaming websites Source


MiTubo is a desktop application which allows one to watch videos from streaming websites, free of distractions and advertisement. It also lets one search for videos using different backends, and has support for subscribing to RSS video feeds and YouTube channels.


  • Playback video from exact URL
  • Video search (Yandex, Invidious, PeerTube)
  • Organize videos into playlists
  • Subscribe to RSS video feeds (including YouTube channels)
  • Organize video feed subscriptions into folders
  • Download media (with selection of video/audio quality)
  • Drag URLs during playback to enqueue them in the “Watch later” list

MiTubo internally it uses the yt-dlp program to extract the video stream information from web pages.



Originally for Ubuntu Touch, this app works on other distributions too.

Project links: Links with more information: Links to (pages with) screenshots:


Mobile Fit: 5

Perfect - this app fits your phone screen just fine out of the box and works nicely with touch input!

Project status: mature

This project has been in development for a long time and is usually well beyond its 1.0 release. It should work fine.


If you're lucky*, you can install this app by just hitting this button:


* You need to have an appstream:// handler, e.g., GNOME Software or KDE Discover, installed and the app needs to be available in a configured software repository, more details.

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Licensing and technical details

License: GPL-3.0-only Metadata: FSFAP

Frameworks: QtQuick

Backend: gstreamer youtube-dl

Programming languages: C++ QML

Build system: qbs

AppStream Metadata URL: https://gitlab.com/mardy/mitubo/-/raw/master/data/it.mardy.mitubo.metainfo.xml