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Flatpak leftover cleaner Source


When you uninstall a Flatpak, it can leave some files behind on your computer. Flatsweep helps you easily get rid of the residue left on your system by uninstalled Flatpaks.

Flatsweep uses GTK4 and Libadwaita to provide a coherent user interface that integrates nicely with GNOME, but you can use it on any desktop environment of course.

Caution: Flatsweep exclusively looks at the default Flatpak install directory. If you have set a custom install path, it might accidentally delete files that weren't supposed to be deleted. If you have no idea what a 'custom install path' is, you'll be fine.


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Mobile Fit: 4

Almost perfect, works fine with tweaks for scaling, like scale-to-fit io.github.giantpinkrobots.flatsweep on on Phosh

Project status: early

This project has been in development for a short time only. It should work mostly fine, but expect bugs and an incomplete featureset.



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Licensing and technical details

License: MPL-2.0 Metadata: FSFAP

Frameworks: GTK4 libadwaita

Programming languages: Python

Build system: meson

AppStream Metadata URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/giantpinkrobots/flatsweep/main/data/io.github.giantpinkrobots.flatsweep.appdata.xml.in