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Customizable and keyboard-operable Matrix client Source


A fancy, customizable, keyboard-operable Qt/QML and Python Matrix chat client for encrypted and decentralized communication.



Fits the screen, but sometimes navigating the UI requires non-obvious gestures. Check out Moment if you’re looking for a maintained fork of Mirage. Marked as archive as it likely would be - apparently, all access rights to the repo apparently have been lost.

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Mobile Fit: 5

Perfect - this app fits your phone screen just fine out of the box and works nicely with touch input!

Project status: archived

This project has been archived by its maintainers. It might still work for you, but you won't get any help if something is wrong.


 Every feature of this app can be accessed via touch screen, no mouse or keyboard needed.

 This app is (according to its appstream metadata or description) intended to be compatible with mobile devices.


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Install as flatpak: https://github.com/mirukana/mirage/tree/master/packaging/flatpak

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Licensing and technical details

License: LGPL-3.0-or-later Metadata: FSFAP

Frameworks: QtQuick

Backend: matrix-nio libolm

Programming languages: QML Python

Build system: qmake

AppStream Metadata URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mirukana/mirage/master/packaging/mirage.appdata.xml