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Amazfish Amazfish Bip support for SailfishOS
available in 6 distros Alpine 3.18 Alpine 3.19 Alpine edge AUR Manjaro stable Manjaro unstable
watch companion QtQuick Kirigami 5
Caramelos Caramelos is an Android Game made with Libgdx
inactive game libGDX needs testing
Clans A Gtk4 / libAdwaita Discord client. Early WIP."
archived Discord chat GTK4 libadwaita 5
Electrolysis EV Charging interface for Linux
early pre-release Chargefox Tesla Supercharger utilities GTK4 libadwaita 4
Epoka Simple clock app in development, supporting stopwatch and timer until now
inactive early pre-release clock MauiKit Kirigami 5
Flappy-gnome Flappy GNOME is a side-scrolling game development tutorial using Vala and GTK+.
early inactive game GTK3 needs testing
H-Craft H-Craft Championship is a fun to play scifi-racer.
inactive game SDL needs testing
Home Assistant Connect (HAC) HA Connect is a simple web app for connecting to the web interface of an Home Assistant server.
early pre-release inactive AUR Home Assistant smart home QtQuick 5
KeePassPQ KeePassPQ is a Python and QML based application to open KeePass (v4) databases on mobile devices.
early KeePass password manager Kirigami QtQuick 5
Kolorfill Color filling game
early Fedora rawhide game QtQuick Kirigami 5
Moonlander Just another 'fancy' Gemini client.
early inactive pre-release AUR Nix stable 23.05 Nix stable 23.11 gemini browser GTK3 4
Mycroft Mycroft Kirigami Application for Plasma Mobile
inactive early pre-release
available in 5 distros Alpine 3.18 Alpine 3.19 Alpine edge AUR Manjaro stable
voice assistant Kirigami 5
Poland can into Space ‘Poland can into Space’ is a simple Android game based on LibGDX framework
game libGDX needs testing
Pyrocast Another podcast app for Linux phones (e.g., Pinephone)
early pre-release inactive podcast client GTK3 libhandy 5
QHumble Qhumble allows retrieving any content purchased from Humble Bundle that is DRM-Free.
early inactive pre-release humblebundle.com utilities QtQuick needs testing
Readerview A mobile-ready gpu-accelerated gemini browser.
early inactive gemini browser GTK4 3
Run Free! Running log app built for Phosh with some basic analysis of your running schedule
inactive early utilities GTK3 5
Shootin Stars Round based endless runner style space shooter
early inactive game Godot 5
Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection A collection of small computer programs which implement one-player puzzle games.
available in 21 distros Alpine edge Arch Arch Linux ARM aarch64 AUR Debian 11 Debian 12 Debian 13 Debian unstable Devuan 4.0 Devuan unstable Fedora 38 Fedora 39 Fedora rawhide Gentoo GNU Guix Manjaro stable Manjaro unstable Nix stable 23.05 Nix stable 23.11 Nix unstable PureOS landing
game logic game GTK3 4
Store Cards Keep all your store cards on your linux phone
maturing AUR utilities Tk 5
Wifi2QR Display QR codes to easily connect to any Wifi for which a NetworkManager connection profile exists.
inactive early pre-release utilities GTK4 4
Xash3D Custom Gold Source engine rewritten from scratch.
mature AUR game engine SDL2 1
alrisha an experimental Qt/QML destkop browser for Gemini
inactive early pre-release gemini browser QtQuick 5
virtboard A basic keyboard, blazing the path of modern Wayland keyboards. Sacrificial.
inactive AUR PureOS landing virtual keyboard Cairo 5

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