Agregore Browser A minimal browser for the distributed web

web browser Electron 5

Anki Powerful, intelligent flash cards. Remembering things just became much easier.

mature education QtWidgets 4

Briar Native GTK Briar client, written in Python, using the Briar Headless API

archived briar chat GTK3 libhandy 5

Daty cross-platform advanced Wikidata editor

Wikidata utilities GTK3 libhandy 4

FluffyChat Chat with your friends

Matrix chat Flutter 5

FreeTube An Open Source YouTube app for privacy

video player Electron 4

Goguma An IRC client for mobile devices.

early IRC chat Flutter 5

Signal Desktop Signal — Private Messenger for Windows, Mac, and Linux

mature Signal chat Electron 5

Teleport Send files on the local network

file transfer GTK3 libhandy 4

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