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Karoto Shopping List

A shopping list app for Linux mobile Source


A Linux mobile app that helps you with your groceries. It is not just a fancy replacement for your notes app but instead works a bit like a stock management software. The heart of the app is a list with things you always want to have at home. Before you go to the grocery store or whereever you get your stuff from you can go through this list and check for every item how much you have in your storage. The app then generates the shopping list for you which makes it impossible to forget anything.

Additional features:

  • only once: If you need something like a new knive or some new plates e.g. there is the "only once" option where the item automatically gets deleted as soon as you got it once.
  • tags: You can add tags to your items and filter for them. One example workflow could be to tag everything thats in the fridge with a tag called "Fridge" and when you check whats missing you filter for fridge stuff and only open the fridge once. The same can be done while shopping: Tag items for where you can get them and click on the tag when you are there.
  • hide temporary: Imagine you have a long shopping list but not enough money with you or some items would be to heavy/big to carry so you decide to get it next time. Now you can click on the Hide temporary button and the item disappears until you restart the app so it does not annoy you.


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Mobile Fit: 5

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Project status: maturing

This project has been in development for some time and is somewhere around a 1.0 release. It should work mostly fine.


 Every feature of this app can be accessed via touch screen, no mouse or keyboard needed.

 This app is (according to its appstream metadata or description) intended to be compatible with mobile devices.


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Licensing and technical details

License: MIT Metadata: MIT

Frameworks: PyQt6

Programming languages: Python

Build system: custom

AppStream Metadata URL: https://codeberg.org/DrRac27/karoto/raw/branch/main/packaging/page.codeberg.DrRac27.Karoto.metainfo.xml