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Pinephone Compass

This is a proof of concept of a simple compass app for the Pine64 Pinephone. Source


For the moment it only supports those hardware versions with the original LIS3MDL magnetometer chip (it was changed circa Q1 2021). The app is written in Python and interfaces with the magnetometer via its Linux Kernel driver. The graphical interface is currently a rudimentary implemetation using matplotlib's plotting capabilities. Source


Works great after calibration!

Project links: Links to (pages with) screenshots:


Mobile Compatibility: 5

Perfect - this app fits your phone screen just fine out of the box and works nicely with touch input!


If you're lucky, you can install this app by just hitting this button:


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Licensing and technical details

License: GPL-3.0-or-later

Frameworks: GTK3

Programming languages: Python

Build system: meson

AppStream Metadata URL: https://gitlab.com/lgtrombetta/pinephone-compass/-/raw/main/data/com.gitlab.lgtrombetta.Compass.appdata.xml.in